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As of October 31, 2008, Mini Mocho Press has ceased to operate as a publisher and distributor of books and other materials. Owner and publisher Margaret Strecker and co-publisher and editor James Strecker wish to extend thanks and best wishes to all authors, musicians, editors, and illustrators with whom we have had the pleasure to work over the past twenty years.

We send thanks especially to Professor Gerard Dion of Mohawk College whose selfless contribution as editor, promoter, advisor and teacher have contributed to the careers of many writers in Southern Ontario. Best wishes to all.

Since 1989, Mini Mocho Press, with a current catalogue of 26 titles, has put almost 100 mostly southern Ontario fiction and non-fiction writers, poets and dramatists into print.

Our more popular literary titles include A Journey Out of Bullying: From Despair to Hope by Patricia L. Scott, Weave and Spin edited by Gerard Dion, The Golden Horseshoe Anthology edited by Strecker, Dion and Strecker, Water Children by Ellen Jaffe, Black: A Tribute to Black Jazz Musicians by James Strecker and artist Harold Town and the best-selling Out of Incest: A Book of Hope by Diane Esther,. Our popular autobiographical books are More Than A Blues Singer by jazz legend Jackie Washington and Rufus Baby: A Dream to Beat the Odds by former Tiger Cat great Rufus Crawford.

Thirteen of our books have appeared in the curricula of colleges and universities and sections of nine have been recycled into multi-media packages. Mini Mocho Press: Words & Music Recordings has also released three CDs by the popular children's group TURKEY Rhubarb.

Visit the Eclectic Chair, the site of James Strecker, co-publisher of Mini Mocho Press. There you will find samples of his poetry, articles and photographs.

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