“..a critical voice I respect.”
Oscar Peterson

“James Strecker is an artist of the arts, and he takes for his subject the luminescence left on our senses by the work of dancers and musicians, painters and poets. Most artists go into the world and bring back art; Strecker goes into art and brings back worlds.”
Jeff Mahoney, The Hamilton Spectator

“That James Strecker has captured the ‘other self’ of mankind, there is absolutely no question. There is here a wrenching of the inner spirit that allows no rest. No further exploration of conscience is needed”
Canadian Book Review Annual

“Deep, dark, grief-riddled and true to the core. A testament to how truth can break to the surface, having had to push through the scum of convenience and weeds of complacency.”
Ingrid Newkirk, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

“The book is good.”
B. B. King

“…there are passages when the poetry is so intense and personal, you feel suspiciously voyeuristic.”
Gary Smith, Hamilton Spectator

“…a book of very fine words…”
Sonny Rollins

“To read it one feels a sense of liberation…It is a book to be treasured.”
Karen Kain

“The poetry distills vision, smell, touch and thought into a potent tonic that kicks as it cures. It is poetry as it should be. His images have a strength that come from their aptness…..words that sink their fangs in your mind.”
Wayne MacPhail, Hamilton Spectator

“Without exception, the poems are lyrical, graceful and economical in construction…..many phrases which startle.”
Judith Fitzgerald, The Toronto Star

“…a glittering gem of a collection….”
Canadian Book Review Annual

“…..reveals the human soul is both sublimely inspired and fatally flawed. His book is a must-read for those determined to find truth –however awful that truth might be.”
Gretchen Wyler, The Ark Trust

“…a great gift to the dancers’ frail legacy.”
Veronica Tennant

“James Strecker has a very musical approach to poetry and succeeds in carrying his reader along his improvisational pathways through the very misunderstood personalities of the jazz world.”
Oscar Peterson

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