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Ronald G. Rice

In a spiritually sceptical time when love seems an afterthought to souls psychologically confined, Ronald Rice, with assured and generous spirit, with love that respects itself as a gift, with humour both instinctive and amazing, does his own thing. With a dignified serenity, he makes the most of his life and his craft, and in both life and craft he is instinctively musical, kind, and witty.

In July, 1989, I became a Senior Citizen! I was born and educated in Hamilton, Ontario, and have been married to an understanding wife for thirty-eight years. We have raised three boys and one girl. I have written all types of poetry, including sonnets, humorous and lyrical poetry, limericks, words to songs and hymns. I try to interject humour into the traditionally serious Senryu genre by creating a ‘Senryu Spoof’, in which the third line becomes somewhat of a ‘punch line’. This form I have called ‘Haipun’. Haiku Canada published a selection of these in November, 1988.

Poetry for me has become the succinct means of conveying in a more expressive manner, feelings of love, joy, admiration, anger and the greatest emotion, humour. Throughout my own reaction to the world around me, I strive to write, not only for my satisfaction, but for those who will read my work and possibly be moved by it. Therefore, my job as a poet is satisfying when I believe, through a poem, I have been able to expose some facet of life, more lyrically, more poignantly, or humorously to readers than they have experienced before. This is what good poetry does for me.

Ronald G. Rice

ISBN 0-921980-19-1
6" x 9”, 63p
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