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Ellen S. Jaffe

The poems in Water Children, Ellen Jaffe’s first collection, deal incisively with many subjects ranging from September 11th to the Viet Nam War, childbirth to aging parents and grandparents, fairy tales to hockey, all observed with her trademark passion and humour. Ellen Jaffe interweaves personal and political sensibilities into poetry that is uniquely compassionate and uncompromising.

Ellen S. Jaffe is an award-winning and widely published poet, fiction writer, and playwright.

Her popular book on the writing process, Writing Your Way: Creating a Personal Journal, was published in 2001 by Sumach Press. Ellen also teaches writing workshops in schools, community centres and other settings. Her children’s play, Jason’s Quest, was adapted from Margaret Laurence’s novel of the same name. Born in New York, she now lives in Hamilton, Ontario and works as a psychotherapist with families and children.

"The poetry of Ellen Jaffe strikes me as provisional; it exits within that search for meaning we all must join. Like many of her generation, she found the easy truths she inherited to be less than true, to be less than useful – thus, her search for new foundations on which to build both a personal and a social life. In her poetry these new truths are emerging; a process that may not reach its conclusion, but is always exciting. These poems say what must be said, and we should listen."

James Deahl, poet, editor, and publisher

ISBN 0-921980-21-3
6" x 9”, 80p
$14.95 CND
$12.00 USD